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    Developing a piece of real estate today is a complex process. Budget, durability and aesthetics are the key criteria in defining a successful landscape. Emerald is well versed in managing the various landscape requirements that occur in community ordinances and working to achieve an attractive, buildable and maintainable landscape for your project.

    We have many years of experience in working with the various regulatory agencies that may have jurisdiction over your development. We know how to answer their questions so that your project is not negatively affected. We also know how to assemble a biddable set of construction documents.

    Water management has to be approached proactively with a strategic design that takes into account the wide variety of hydrologic factors that form a natural ecosystem. We have designed and constructed alternatives to stormwater control such as rain gardens and bio swales and permeable paving, but even more important is how we combine these techniques into a unified landscape system that can have long-term benefits for your project. Your site will be integrated into the surrounding ecosystem while providing the aesthetics that are expected in today's developments and communities.

    Our Senior Landscape Architect is licensed in the state of Illinois and has over 25 years of design experience. His projects have included major public spaces, melding natural areas with man made landscapes, and durable and decorative commercial projects.

  • We have over 25 years of experience assisting communities plan and develop their public open space projects ranging from streetscapes, to athletic complexes to neighborhood parks.

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